Why is Solar Consultant important?

Why is Solar Consultant important?


The legal team with ready contracts and clauses to review, negotiate and resolve disputes after that along with a successful history and licenses, certifications, and accreditations.

A consultant ensures the provision of auxiliary services and components that are essential to a good quality solar project and its longevity.


What are the qualities of a good energy consultant?

i) Licences and certification: To be sure if the energy consultant is reliable, the one thing that you can always check is their licenses, certifications, and accreditations. A good energy consultant will easily demonstrate that they have the necessary credentials required by your state.

ii) A successful history: Any and every consultant will try to big talk themselves into saying that they will provide the necessary results. But that can be a scam too. So instead, an energy consultant will provide you with the required evidence to back their claims. This may include success stories from the projects he worked on earlier or reliable references that can speak to the credibility and success of the particular energy consultant.

iii) Upfront information about services: A good energy consultant will be upfront about their operations and costs from the get-go. They will also be willing to answer any questions you might have during the consultation or the course of work. These pieces of information will help you make an informed choice while also keeping your budget in check.

iv) A well-rounded skill set and team: A good energy consultant is an energy expert, and they constantly look for avenues to improve their skills further. This makes them a valuable source for solving all your energy-related problems. Most of these consultants work with specialized firms. By contrast, a mail-order business is a particular type of business that operates solely on mail order and / or Internet. drugstore-onlinecatalog.com A team of well-rounded individuals ensures that multiple perspectives can help decipher your energy needs in unique ways. Choosing a consultant with a diverse group backing them up means your business can count on superb project management, the generation of valuable ideas, and the implementation of those ideas to help your business.

v) Customised services: You would want the absolute best when it comes to your company. A good consultant understands that there is no standard manual to solve various companies’ diverse needs. Instead, they will work with their team to tailor customized plans that serve your business’s shortcomings and energy needs while ensuring excellent customer service throughout the process.



Following are the responsibilities:

  • Managing territory to optimize product sales through daily trackers activities includes lead generation and installation implementation.
  • Developing a solid knowledge of residential and commercial solar PV systems.
  • Analyzing customers’ current and electrical usage and financial ROI.
  • Conducting solar sales cycle from start to finish, including logging and reporting all data.
  • Research on myriad state, federal, and local legislation impacting PV solar industry credits and tax incentives.
  • Determining ROI and other financial incentives and LCOE (Levelized Cost of energy) IRR (Internal Rate of Return) to persuade customers to utilize solar energy.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by promptly reporting Internet issues and providing appropriate and accurate responses to product questions.
  • Maintaining close communication and relationship with every customer until the installation, testing, and beyond.
  • Using regional solar radiation or insolation data provided by NASA accurately to calculate system output in either Btu’s or kWh.
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