Home Lighting System

Home Lighting System

We are facing a high rise in the supply-demand gap due to expansion of cities and industrial development. The rural houses are getting the pathetic hit due to power shortage.  Only 52.5% of rural India got the electricity where as 80% of the villages are having very limited electricity. Still almost 38 Crores of Indian citizens don’t have access to electricity.

Solar home lighting system can have a huge impact on those rural lives. Even solar home light system is far better and economic option than the fuel based lanterns. Solar home lighting system will reduce the health hazard and harmful emissions. There is a huge scope to energize rural lives by solar home light system in India.

SunShell Power provides various kind of models in home lighting system segment with unique and customized design. SunShell’s home light system consists of high efficiency solar modules, state of the art MPPT charge controller, LED lights, fans and sealed maintenance free battery.

Most of the cases the system life hampered due to low quality charge controller and improper maintenance of the battery. SunShell Power has successfully solved these problems by providing high efficiency charge controller and sealed maintenance free battery with 5year replacement warranty.

Through the commitment of impacting rural lives with technical knowledge base and innovative business model SunShell Power becomes a trustworthy company for Solar home light system in Kolkata. Our USP in Solar home lighting system, is providing the cutting-edge technology with proper execution and guaranty.