The word renewable closely associates with the word sustainable. As we know that key factor behind the growth for human civilization is energy it is the duty of today’s generation to decide whether the growth will be a spurious one or it sustains long term testimonials. For sure we know what unbounded damaging effects are due on the environment by the repetitive use of coal, oil and natural gases. We also know that these resources are scarce in nature so that ultimately they will exhaust leaving no chance for further growth and development for our future generations to succeed.

On the other hand, from a close perspective of economic review the installation of a solar, wind hydel power projects will be echo friendly and beneficial on the long run. For these projects will involve raw materials which are necessarily natural resources of one’s own place and whose installation and maintenance will create local employment opportunities.

Use of renewable energies will create a cooperative society where inside a green civilization green future will get nourishments.