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AC Solar Pumping System

In a country such as India, where the weather is never consistent and connectivity is often scarce, solar power becomes an advantageous recourse for farmers. Agriculture requires a lot of co dependant resources to be available at all time. Using something as abundant as solar power and converting it to energy allows you to cultivate land, produce electricity, pure water and do much more. Solar AC pumping systems enables farms to become more efficient, especially during dry sunny weather. It operates on photo-voltaic technology to convert sunlight into electricity and has two variants – submersible pumps and surface pumps.

Submersible pumps are meant to pump water from a maximum depth of 20 meters and is placed deep below the surface level. On the other hand, surface pumps can pump from the depths of 50 meters and is situated above ground level. It uses pipes to transport water. Solar AC pumping systems can be installed with a minimum of 3 325Wp modules for each variant. During installation, there are three components of the system which includes the pump, the controller and BOS. The pump uses photovoltaic arrays designed to convert solar energy into electricity which in turn powers the pump motor that draws water from nearby sources like open wells, ponds lakes and so on.

  • Helps lower operating costs by using solar energy instead of fuels consumption like diesel or oil
  • Its compact structure calls for extremely low maintenance costs
  • Highly reliable as issues of erratic electricity like low voltage, power blackouts do not affect the water pump
  • Solar water pumps are environmental friendly as it is not diesel or propane based
  • It does not emit any harmful noises or gases
  • Grid connected solar pumps allows farmers to further sell the extra energy for income
  • Highly durable and has a really slow deterioration rate
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AC Solar Pumping System

Pump Rating (In HP)1HP2HP3HP5HP7.5HP10HP12.5HP
PV Array Size (In Wp)1200Wp2400Wp3600Wp6000Wp9000Wp10800Wp15000Wp
Pump TypeSurface/ SubmersibleSurface/ SubmersibleSurface/ SubmersibleSurface/ SubmersibleSurface/ SubmersibleSurface/ SubmersibleSurface/ Submersible
Surface/ SubmersibleSuitable Controller with DC side Protection (MCB), Selector and Indicating LampSuitable Controller with DC side Protection (DC MCB, SPD, GPV Fuse), AC Side Protection (AC MCB, On load Change-Over Switch), Dry run protection for Pump, Controller Operational Range upto 50°C
Other ItemsStructure, Cables and BOSStructure, Cables and BOSStructure, Cables and BOSStructure, Cables and BOSStructure, Cables and BOSStructure, Cables and BOSStructure, Cables and BOS