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Solar Street Light

By now we can agree that electricity is a primal necessity for almost any type of activity including lighting streets at night. Since the emergence of urbanised settlements, street lights take up almost 40% of the electricity consumption in any metropolitan city in India. Lack in efficient planning and management can often lead to having installed poor and inefficient street lighting. Public street lighting (PSL) employ fossil fuel consumption to generate electricity. It is not only an inefficient alternative but is also deemed to be non-environmental friendly. Installing solar powered street lighting solutions mean that any extra energy produced can be saved in a lithium battery for later usage. Unlike conventional street lights, solar street lights present certain benefits as it is easy to install, functions independently, lasts for as long as 12 hours and so on. Also, conventional lighting solution is known to emit harmful gases whereas solar lighting is quite environment friendly.

A modernised solar street light would have a few components like an in-built lithium battery, solar panels, power management system, sight/day sensors and an automatic activation system. Solar street lights are durable, dependable, emits no glare, does not attract pest, and are designed to be water proof and weather resistant. Like any other solar based device, it converts solar energy into electricity via solar panels and is designed to be very efficient in terms of light management. You can install a solar street lamp with an 18v modules of minimum 30Wp. Its lithium battery variations can deliver a minimum of 9 Ah. They are all equipped with PIR sensors that enable the lamps to adjust the brightness of the lamps according to time of day and is activated automatically at dusk and lasts till dawn.

  • In built lithium battery that stores and saves any extra energy generated
  • Requires almost zero maintenance and is highly durable and dependable
  • Does not emit any harmful gases and is perfectly environment friendly
  • Automatic activation at dusk due to its PIR sensors
  • Works best in areas where there is frequent power outage
  • Best suited for both commercial and domestic lighting
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Solar Street Light

Power of Light (In Watt)12W15W18W20W25W30W40W45W
Light Output (In Lumen)>1500 lm>1800 lm>2000 lm>2500 lm>3000 lm>3500 lm>4500 lm>5000 lm
Battery TypeLiFePO4/ Li- IonLiFePO4/ Li- IonLiFePO4/ Li- IonLiFePO4/ Li- IonLiFePO4/ Li- IonLiFePO4/ Li- IonLiFePO4/ Li- IonLiFePO4/ Li- Ion
Recommended Pole Hight5M5M6M6M6~7M6~7M6~7M6~7M
SensorPIR/ Motion sensor for auto dimming of light
OperationsAuto dusk to dawnAuto dusk to dawnAuto dusk to dawnAuto dusk to dawnAuto dusk to dawnAuto dusk to dawnAuto dusk to dawnAuto dusk to dawn