Drinking Water System Project at Sahibganj, Jharkhand

Location: Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Capacity: 2 Hp 200 meter head customized pump, 2 Hp 90-meter head pump
Department: DWS Jharkhand
Purpose: Drinking Water System

Drinking water and water supply for daily life needs is a basic requirement for a human being. This may not seem to be a huge issue, but this is not the case in areas like Sahibganj, a terminal district of Jharkhand, surrounded by Hills and Jungles. Following are the district’s geographic specifics:

  • The Ganges river runs down one side of the district.
  • The majority of the village’s terrain is rough and steep.

The following issues plagued the neighborhood’s development of a drinking water system:

  • No suitable and reliable water source can be located in the region because of the terrain’s hilly surface. As a consequence, the district’s residents are compelled to travel great distances to get water.
  • Due to the topography, Stone Mine, and low population density, no major water project can be undertaken.
  • Water includes arsenic.
  • No power was available at the site.


Under the PTG program of the DWS Department, SunShell Power took the project under his wings to build a 2 HP BLDC Solar Drinking Water System.
The agenda of the project were the following:

  • Lifting groundwater from deep to reduce the Arsenic contains in water
  • Storing the water in a 5000 liter overhead tank (20 ft height concrete tank)
  • 4 no.s of water tap under the tank for water supply for the villagers.


The execution of the project was a challenging job. There were several hurdles that needed to be overcome during the installation process.
The challenges are following:

  • Because of the hilly terrain, the reliable water level was 150 meters deep
  • The project was to be committed at a number of dispersed site sites
  • All of the site locations were in remote places, where lack of proper transportation and telecom connectivity caused an issue
  • To install a solar module, there was a 6 ft X 6 ft area on the tank top. 8 modules were required to run a 2 hp pump, and the installation area was rather limited. Therefore, installing a solar module on a tank’s top was an extremely challenging undertaking.
  • The tank was not aligned with the proper South
  • There were some boring issues as the boring collapsed due to the shock wave of stone braking


Despite the fact that the majority of contractors were unwilling to take on the project owing to the difficulties associated with after-sales services, issues with the shipping and delivery of the components and pumps, and a shortage of laborers to finish the pump installation.

SunShell Power took on the project and used top-notch, experienced engineering to resolve all the issues and difficulties. As there was no power available at the site, the entire project was installed using solar power on-site.


Technical & Installation Details

  • 2 HP customized pump(200 meter head) with 8 modules(335 Wp)
  • 2 HP pump(90 meter head) with 6 modules(335 Wp)
  • Light weight heavy strength Hot dip Galvanized structure to fit in a tank top
  • The hanging pump is lower than usual so that it can operate in the summer season, too
  • We drill and install the structure at the top of the tank using solar power
  • Civil structures with proper structure strength were installed to avoid damage to solar modules in hailstorms
  • Single sites were executed in a single day to avoid the hassle of transportation
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