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Youth Empowerment Program

Background : Employment today is a serious crisis in the country. It is clearly observed that govt. Alone is not capable of providing employment to the huge population of youth that graduate every year from different colleges without a job. Youth has enormous potential & energy, which if not channelized in correct direction, can be disastrous.

Vision : All the promoters of SunShell Power are engineers and hence it is their noble thought to support and encourage budding engineers so that the country sees a better tomorrow. SunShell is a renowned organization working in the field of Renewable Energy, specifically Solar, their vision is an earnest effort to coincide an energy rich Sustainable India lead by the power of youth.

Overview : Lakhs of engineers graduate every year from different engineering colleges. It is seen that although Govt. Engineering colleges do attract some campus recruitment opportunities, most of the private engineering colleges are deprived of such opportunities except for a few, who get some IT companies to do mass recruitment for them. Under such circumstances, a student studying in the core engineering field is also forced to seek a career in IT, much against his/her wishes. The result turns out to be a bunch of frustrated IT professionals who again end up losing focus & being distracted.

Seeing close family and friends in above circumstances, the promoters of SUNSHELL thought to come out with a solution that would be a social enterprise benefitting the youth. Hence, “Youth Empowerment Program” aims to provide training to students of engineering colleges, specially in suburbs and outskirts of Kolkata where getting & retaining a good faculty member is also a challenge.

AICTE guidelines now encourage every engineering college to install a specific capacity of solar power plant and the same is now being followed, though the pace is quite slow. Hence SunShell wishes to mobilize this good effort and in the process also align themselves with the vision of Skill Development which is rigorously being promoted by our respected Prime Minister.

SunShell shall offer quality training programs at nominal charges and also insist that the colleges install Solar Power Plants, where the project itself shall be hands on training for the students. This will give the students a perspective as to how real life projects are executed and experience gained from this exercise shall be very valuable for them. SunShell shall also offer limited internship & placements opportunities to candidates.

The main agenda of YEP is to create awareness of the huge boom in renewable sector, to promote entrepreneurship among youth and also train them in specialized fields outside their zones of college text books. Being ‘employable’ is also as big a challenge as finding employment. The ‘mediocre’ is the mass who though have talent, but are directionless and hence end up in a long struggle to find their calling.

What We Train In : The areas in which SunShell offers trainings are extremely relevant today and are the technologies for future. These topics are a blend of aspects that almost all industries require practically in day to day functioning. But these topics are currently loosely covered in university syllabus or not covered at all. The topics are –

  • Basic Electrical & Thermal Power Plant.
  • Energy Efficiency & Energy Audit
  • Renewable Energy (All sources)
  • Solar Plant & its utility.
  • Green Building & Smart Grid.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Design
  • Instrumentation & Controls.
  • Drives & PLC.
  • Modern IT Trends (Digital Marketing, Analytics, AI & Machine Learning)
  • HVAC & BMS.
  • ECBC
  • Telecom.
  • Law & Taxation.
  • Management Training.
  • Communication Basics.

Faculty Resources : YEP is a unique program & SunShell sources its faculty from the industry itself. Our rich resource faculties include professionals who care currently in the trade and have made a mark for themselves. Since they are on-job, they are updated with the technological advancements that are regularly happening in their respective fields. They provide a balanced blend of theoretical & practical knowledge that can be effectively utilized by the student. Having completed this training program, where we shall focus on empowering the student with practical knowledge, the students will be well equipped and confident to take on their professional journey of seeking employment or providing the same in their own ventures.