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We are Builders of Future

SunShell Power is one of the best solar companies in India, born from an idea to execute green energy to better utilization. We have used a versatile approach in making vigorous, engaging, and functional power plants that come up with the best results. We believe in consequences, and we combine knowledge with implementation to deliver a good outcome which assures secured returns on investments. We have specialized and experienced engineers who ensure reliable, successful, and convenient on-grid as well as off-grid installations and executions of solar energy plants throughout entire India for residential as well as commercial purposes. What we do at SunShell is, we evaluate the energy requirements that you possess, identify the properly integrated system that your project would need. We ensure maximum solar output through installation and integration into proper frameworks. We have some of the most genuine beliefs supported by extremely strong and truthful working principles like we invest a lot in exploring innovative and new ways of the functions of various products of daily use and solar energy could be the proper alternative form of energy which could be proven extremely useful as time goes by. Which make the SunShell Power, one of the leading solar companies of India is the products we produce with innovative designs, optimized executions and advanced engineering qualities that ensures round the clock high performance and maintenance from the skilled experts to all our valuable customers in the lowest turn around time and in a best possible way.

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ABOUT who we are

Who We Are?

With the ever-increasing need for energy, and the inevitable lack of non-renewable sources of power globally, there has been a systematic tendency to shift towards more renewable sources of energy that are not cleaner but also cheaper, and what comes to mind rather than solar energy? India has the perfect topographical conditions suitable for harnessing solar energy, for it enjoys around 300 clear days full of bright sunshine, and the prevalence of multiple solar power plant companies in India only helps the cause of going solar and going green, in the process, too! We at SunShell are committed to creating a more sustainable future, and have more than 5MW installation experience, in the industry. Our founders Sirsendu Chatterjee, Parthajit Chowdhury, Siladitya Chatterjee, and Sayantan Chatterjee ensure that your journey towards a greener world is not only a smart investment but also a cost-effective one, with innovative and powerful technologies.

ABOUT OUR Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

With the climate crisis that threatens civilization, humanity and our planet, it is incredibly important to opt for alternative energy solutions and the presence of a responsible and reliable solar company in India like SunShell Power helps make this transition towards a cleaner and cheaper form of energy easier. Our vision is to create a more sustainable and cleaner planet, and we plan to achieve this mission of a greener world through installation of smart and cost-effective solar technologies.

ABOUT Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

At SunShell, corporate responsibility for us, means powering lives by making utility scale solar solutions accessible and affordable for all. We aim to help generations of people achieve the dream and the present necessity of a Greener future, by opting for sustainable forms of energy efficiency, as we together battle the impending global crisis of climate change, global warming and the multifold that comes with it. We not only bring to you eco-friendly solutions desirable for the environment, but also economic solutions that are desirable to your long-term finances. We help you make smart investments that reap limitless benefits for you and the world around you. Serving communities, strengthening society, and protecting the environ we inhabit are the priorities that inspire us to proceed in our quest for a cleaner and greener tomorrow. Whether you need support and assistance in illuminating a street or multiple, your home or your business, or setting up solar powered water pumps, you can always rely on us for smart affordable solar solutions.


Why SunShell

Powering lives through eco-friendly and utility scale solar solutions.

  • Over 30 technically advanced and well trained service professionals at your perusal.
  • Strong presence in 7 states with service offices.
  • Specialized engineers for residential as well as commercial projects.
  • We’ve successfully installed over 1000 solar street lights in India.
  • 50 MW + Design & Commissioning Experience
  • Installation complying all international standard
  • Affordable price
  • Maintenance and Web-Monitoring of plant
  • We ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.
  • We strive towards a sustainable future and a greener world.
  • Our priorities are the planet and its people, rather than profits.
  • Our experience coupled with our early entry to the industry allows us to bring cost-effective solutions for you.
  • World Class design
  • Safety and protection according to IEC and IS codes
  • Hassle free operation
  • After sales support