Solar Mini Mast

Best for places with unstable power source, uses green energy and needs almost zero maintenance.
Solar Mini Mast

A solar street lighting system based on LEDs comprises a Solar PV Module, a solar charge controller, a battery, and LED-based luminaries, all of which are suitable for mounting on a pole. The battery is charged during the day by power generated by the PV module, and the luminaries give light from sunset to sunrise.

A Solar Mini Mast System is made up of Solar PV Modules, a Solar Gel Battery, an MPPT Solar Charge Controller, a DC Street Light/DC Flood Light, and an octagonal pole. LED street lights and LED floodlights are utilized to reduce power consumption and grid charging by solar PV modules.

At SunShell Powers, the LED Luminaries that are used in these street lighting systems, produce more than 105 lumens per watt of lumen effectiveness The luminaires have a life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours and an IP 66 rating, providing protection even in severe outdoor environments. The Mini Mast systems are also built using MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which improves charging efficiency by harnessing the maximum amount of energy harvested by solar PV modules. The solar PV modules used in these solar mini mast systems are made from highly efficient polycrystalline, which have been verified for long-term endurance and are made using cutting-edge technology. These modules are built to endure corrosive environments and strong wind loads. Industry standards IEC61215 and IEC61730 have been approved for the modules (safety class 1 & 11).

The solar mini mast lights are a renewable and independent green source of energy. The automated on and off switch along with the fact that no external cabling or trenching is required helps in making the system safe. Moreover, since it is easy o install with minimum operational cost and requires very little maintenance, these make solar mini masts an Ideal solution for rural and isolated regions with an unstable power source.