solar services


SunShell Power provides a vast array of services. Take a look at what we can cater to.

solar consultant
Solar Consultant
As a solar consultant, we evaluate the logistical and industrial practicability of solar energy technologies for organizations. We also carry out the necessary assessments to get your projects moving. Our technology projects range from solar panels for businesses, solar street lights, solar pumps, remote monitoring, and battery storage. Within each of these sections, we have far-reaching capabilities, knowledge, and experience. We provide services to help you decrease energy costs and increase profit.
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energy audit
Energy Audit
To maintain the ISO 500001 Energy Management System standards, companies need to establish a streamlined process of continuous improvement in energy efficiency. For that, they must either carry out energy audits and management at periodic intervals or have an energy management system in place. Both the processes could be complex, and this is where SunShell Power’s plays the role of your energy auditing consultant. SunShell Power’s certified energy auditors offer guidance and help you understand key areas where you could save on those extra energy consumptions.
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energy management
Energy Management
It doesn’t matter if you run a large business or an MSME, managing your energy consumption could be a challenging task. With the continuous shift in market conditions, the rise and fall of utility tariffs, and the changes in incentive programs push companies to look for experts in the field of energy markets. SunShell Power’s Energy Consultants help you understand the changing dynamics of energy markets and their implication on your business. Additionally, you are guided regularly on how to manage your energy consumption.
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owners engineer
Owner’s Engineers
Challenges are an inevitable part of any project, and to make sure everything is on track, project owners need to understand the complexities of the project itself along with the risks involved in investments. For large projects where multiple companies are involved, the challenges are beyond the owner’s capacity to handle. In addition, many projects require specialized personnel to handle these complexities, and this is exactly where SunShell Power’s Owner’s Engineer Services comes to your rescue.
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Tech Subscription
SunShell Power is working as an extended arm with a Professional Team of Designers for all Solar Projects furthermore we have certified and well-trained members to help coordinate and consult for any solar projects in different sectors. Solar Companies are blooming all throughout the globe and we are getting into them, by helping them meet their needs regarding design, consultation, and improving the project quality.
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bid management
Bid Management
Tenders can have more than 10,000 words, sometimes with multiple documents attached. Preparing such a complex document to stand out from the crowd is a difficult task for many companies, but we make the entire process easy by guiding you through it. Hiring SunShell Power to write your bids could be your best chance of winning the tender. Our art of writing bespoke tender is specifically designed for businesses with no prior knowledge of writing tenders or who need assistance in furnishing ad-hoc bids from start to finish.
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