Commercial Solar Power Plant

Electricity costs are a substantial part of a commercial establishment’s total operating costs. Most modern offices contain a big number of computers and electronic equipment, centralized HVAC systems, etc., and must operate continuously, resulting in high electricity expenses for everyday activities. With the expansion in building and workforce, this cost will increase dramatically. In recent years, rooftop solar plants have proved to be an excellent alternative to cut electricity expenses up to 70%.

Commercial solar plant panels are a collection of several Solar PV panels converting sunlight to power. The solar panels of photovoltaic (PV) consist of silicon solar cells comprised of a positive and negative layer that combined form an electric field. Many cells comprise a solar panel, and a solar array can be linked with multiple panels, modules, or modules.

They can be mounted on the top of buildings and create sufficient energy to meet the energy requirements of the building. Commercial solar panels are clean and renewable energy sources that need little maintenance and also have no carbon emissions which has become a global concern.

Due to these reasons, Commercial solar plants can be used to power industrial buildings in off-grid or remote locations. It can be installed on the rooftop of buildings to light up signs or message boards. Solar energy charges the battery so that the signs can remain illuminated even during the night. Even these commercial solar plants can be used for preheating ventilation air as well as water heating in offices and businesses.

Commercial solar power plants are very sturdy and require very little maintenance. They have a lifespan of over 15-20 years and post-installation the electricity generated on the system is absolutely free.

100% renewable energy source
Scientists have estimated the sun’s have got at least 5 billion years of energy left. Imagine what we can do with that free energy.
Significantly reduces energy bills
Generating your own electricity right there on-site means that you’re relying less on the National Grid and traditional utility suppliers to power your home or business.
Cheap and easy to install
The ease of installation (the panels have no moving parts, after all) means that we’re able to maintain consistently fantastic prices for our customers.
Low maintenance costs
Another attractive aspect of solar panels is the low maintenance costs involved in keeping them.
Improves your energy security and independence
Another benefit of being less reliant on the National Grid is that your business is less vulnerable to power-cuts and other outages.
Silent and space-saving
Uses the roof only and the silence of solar panels can help improve your reputation with the local community, as compared to the noisier technologies such as mobile generators.


Still not sure? Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions.
Will my solar panels generate electricity during cloudy, rainy, or snowy days?
If your solar system is a grid connect system, then you are still tied to the mains power supply, any deficit will come from the mains grid.
Do I have to go off the grid when I switch to solar?
It is unlikely that you can go completely out of the grid while you are installing your commercial solar power system unless you are using solar batteries that store your extra solar energy. Nearly all commercial facilities that use solar energy still use the grid but with considerably lower energy prices.
As a commercial building owner, how do I bill my tenants for their solar energy usage?
Commercial building owners now benefit more than ever from their solar power systems. As a building owner utilizing a solar energy solution, you will need to sell solar power to your tenants. It's easier than it sounds. You may measure the solar power that your tenant uses and charge them accordingly by using an electricity meter.
When do I see the ROI for my solar panel investment?
The amount of money you save by investing in a commercial solar energy system varies based on multiple factors including:
  • The solar incentives you utilize
  • The type of solar technology you use
  • Your solar energy usage/the number of solar panels you choose to install

Solar panels have low maintenance costs and can last up to 30 years. Most commercial buildings have large roof space and are most likely to benefit from solar panels. Building owners usually realize the ROI of commercial buildings in 5 or fewer years.
How will solar panels affect my business' property value?
With the installation of solar panels in your business building, the value of your facility will no doubt grow. With a solar system, your corporate image as a green firm can improve, ensures low energy costs, and updates the physical aspect of a building. This increases your profit margin and your building value.
How do I know if my building is a good candidate for solar panels?
Buildings with large, flat roofs in good condition are the ideal buildings for commercial solar power plants. Solar projects will endure many decades, and you need to ensure that your rooftop lasts as long as possible.
What are the benefits of using solar over standard electricity?
  • Save money every year
  • Increase your property value
  • Lock in your electricity rate
  • Earn big tax incentives
  • Double-Digit ROI quickly
  • Demonstrate commitment to sustainability and social responsibility