Why Choose Our Pumps?

When you choose our Solar Pumps, you get more than cutting-edge technology. Our planet's sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and independence from grid power are what you choose!

Stainless Steel Body

Stainless Steel Body

The stainless steel body maximizes durability and reduces friction and corrosion.

IP 54 Pump Controller

IP 54 Pump Controller

Performance is paramount to us. Our IP54-grade controller ensures seamless water management even in challenging environments.

Top Grade Solar Modules

Top Grade Solar Modules

Our pump systems rely on solar panels from top manufacturers that deliver consistent, eco-friendly water solutions for you.

MNRE and BIS Approved

MNRE and BIS Approved

Our systems are all MNRE or BIS-approved, which ensures all safety and quality requirements are met.

Single Product, Multiple Applications

An extensive product line to meet all your needs

River Lifting


Drinking Water


Crop Irrigation


Cooling Unit


Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment

Water Distribution System

Water Distribution System

Solar Submersible Pump

Submersible Pump

This is the future of India's agriculture! Designed for easy use and reliability, our Solar Submersible Pumps are the perfect choice for remote, rural areas and deep water bodies!

  • icon Long Lifespan
  • icon Low Operating Costs
  • icon Energy Efficient
  • icon Remote Monitoring
  • icon Government Incentives

AC Solar Submersible Pump

DC Solar Submersible Pump

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Solar Surface Pump

Surface Pump

With our Solar Surface Pumps, your crops will receive the water they need to thrive and yield the harvest of your dreams!

  • icon Low Operating Costs
  • icon Off-Grid Capability
  • icon Low Maintenance
  • icon Water Source Flexibility
  • icon Reduced Noise

AC Solar Surface Pump

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Solar Openwell Pump

Openwell Pump

Whether you are a farmer looking to irrigate your fields or a homeowner looking for a dependable water supply - our Openwell Solar pumps will meet your needs!

  • icon Drought Resilience
  • icon Energy Cost Savings
  • icon Environmentally Friendly
  • icon Remote Monitoring
  • icon Long Lifespan

AC Solar Openwell Pump

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One Pump,
Immense Benefits

We offer an all-in-one Solar Pump Solution to make your life easier.

Zero Diesel Cost
Zero Diesel
Zero Electricity Cost
Zero Electricity
Negligible Operational Cost
Operational Cost
Easy Installation
Minimal Maintenance
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Carbon Footprint

Witness The Future Of Farming

Here’s a glimpse of how our Solar Water Pumps revolutionize the rural agricultural scene and change the lives of millions!

Others provide Warranty
We offer Negligible Downtime

SunShell power provides smart and simple renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in various towns/districts.

At SunShell, we make zero compromises when it comes to safety. We guarantee your peace of mind with robust materials and fail-safe systems, ensuring not only an efficient water solution but also your home's security.
There is more to our commitment to you than just the sale. With our expert team on hand, you're assured peace of mind and the longevity of your investment with maintenance, troubleshooting, and questions answered promptly.
SunShell Power has worked with names like RBI, and IOCL. With a decade of innovation and dedication behind us, our team brings a wealth of knowledge to every project.
We prioritize your unique needs above all else. We're not just about selling products; we're about empowering you to make informed choices that benefit both your bottom line and the planet.


Still confused about solar?
Here are some frequently asked questions.

Solar Pumps use energy from the sun to pump water or other fluids. Typically, it includes solar panels, a controller, and a pump. A solar panel converts sunlight into electricity, which powers a pump. A controller regulates the system and ensures optimal pump operation.
There are several advantages to Solar Powered Pumps, including:
- Produces clean energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
- As they rely on free sunlight, they have low operating costs.
- It can be used off-grid in areas without access to electricity.
- A solar pump requires less maintenance than a diesel or electric pump.
Solar Power Pumps are used for various purposes, including:
- They can be used for irrigation in remote agricultural areas to water crops and fields.
- Solar pumps provide access to clean drinking water to rural and underserved communities.
- They provide a reliable source of water for animals in remote areas.
- Solar pumps can aerate ponds and lakes to improve the water quality.
Submersible Pumps: Submersible pumps are designed for deep well applications and are often used underwater. They are efficient and suitable for pumping water from deep depths.

Surface Pumps: These pumps are installed above ground and used for shallow wells, ponds, and surface water pumping.

Open-well Solar Pumps: The solar pumps are designed specifically for open wells and reservoirs. These are installed on the surface, usually near a water source, and draw water from an open well. Pumps like these can be used for a wide range of agricultural and domestic water supply applications.
Solar water pumps are powered primarily by sunlight. However, they can still function to some extent during cloudy and foggy days. During such weather conditions, solar water pumps can reduce their output and pumping capacity, but many modern systems can adapt to varying light levels.
Has the Indian government provided any schemes to promote solar water pumps?
The Indian government has implemented several schemes and incentives to promote the adoption of solar water pumps. Among the notable initiatives are the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy's (MNRE) "Subsidy Scheme for Solar Water Pumping Systems" and the "Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan (KUSUM)" program. Through these programs, farmers and individuals can get financial incentives, subsidies, and support to install solar water pumps, making solar energy more accessible and affordable.
How does one know if they should use a submersible or a surface pump?
The choice is made based on the depth of the groundwater and the source of the water. A submersible pump is utilized when the water table is deeper than 10-15 meters in a borewell. If the source is an open well, pond, or other body of water, a surface pump is preferable. When the water level is less than 10 meters, the surface pump is also installed. The types of motor pump sets are available based on the classification are a Set of motor pumps with a surface mount, a set of submersible motor pumps, a set of floating motor pumps, and any other sort of motor pump set that has been approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy's test centres.
How much area can a system irrigate?
In general, a 2 HP pump can irrigate around two acres of land, whereas a 7.5 HP pump can irrigate about ten acres, but this data varies based on groundwater levels and the sort of irrigation necessary for a certain crop.
What maintenance is required for a solar-powered pump?
The system requires very little care, including frequent cleaning of the panels. The panel's efficiency is maintained through cleaning, without which the panel's surface is exposed to irradiation from the dust and debris on it.
Solar water pumps have a substantially longer life expectancy than diesel pumps and can continue to produce electricity for up to 25 years.
Once installed, is it possible to relocate the solar pump system?
The solar pump system should not be relocated. However, the system can be relocated utilizing a mobile mounting platform, although this is an expensive operation that may also result in system damage.