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Case Studies

Installation of 6 KWp Solar Rooftop Power Plant for Educational Institute

In the present time, the world is adapting renewable solar energy at a rapid rate. India is also emerging in this global arena as the second-largest country in terms of solar energy generation globally. In its efforts to move further towards sustainable energy, the Indian Government has set a target to achieve 175 GW of […]

Installation of 7.5HP Sprinkler based Solar water pumping system

Agriculture plays an important aspect in sustaining the economy of this country. With over 70% of the total population relying on the natural produce of the nation, proper irrigation becomes very essential to facilitate the growth of crops. However, due to the erratic weather conditions and rainwater supply, this has become a major problem of […]

An Analysis On 225 KWp On-grid Solar PV Plant at North Bengal University, Siliguri

For any organization or company to strive, it must assume some critical responsibility of providing its consumers with quality and dependable products or services. SunShell Power is a company as such. It is a solar power plant company in India known for its competence in providing quality to its clients. Its main priority is to […]

Supply, installation and commissioning of 1 Hp Solar PV system with 5000 Ltrs water tank for drinking water in different schools

Modern facilities like sanitary water supply is what implies as the difference between suburban and urban schools in India. Most rural government institutions are missing the means to effectively provide water to its students without putting them at risk of bacterial infection or non-sanitary conditions. Limited supply of water, especially during the dry season put […]

An Analysis on supply, installation and commissioning of 3 HP River Lifting Irrigation in the different regions of West Bengal under NBDD

With a country that depends on agriculture for most of its sustenance and surplus, India also has the perfect tropical climate to harness solar power and is armed with the unprecedented potential of actually doing away with the biggest obstacle to farming and agriculture: the lack of water and irregular rains. The need for the […]