Surface Solar Pump

Ideal for pumping surface water for commercial and personal use.
Surface Solar Pump

Surface pumps are intended to pump surface water from sources such as springs, ponds, tanks, or shallow wells.

These solar-powered surface water pumps are positioned in the open, away from the water. They are incredibly adaptable and are put where the water level is within 6m of the surface. Surface solar pumps are typically built near ditches, ponds, or canals. Although surface solar pumps cannot suck up water from very deep depths, their self-priming nature allows them to spread water across a vast area of land, making them useful for irrigation and other heavy-duty applications.

Primarily, there are two types of solar surface pumps that are available in the market. One is DC surface pumps and the other one is AC surface pumps. Both of these pumps have some specific features. At SunShell Powers, we customize the solutions according to the client’s needs. They are available in different horsepower and designs which are powerful, low maintenance, and long-lasting.

The DC surface pumps are powered by an induction motor that runs on direct current. As a result, the electricity generated by the solar panel may be immediately transmitted to the solar pump, which can then draw water. This sort of pump does not require a battery or an inverter.

Whereas the AC surface pump’s motor operates on alternating current, which means that the direct power supplied by the solar panels is transformed to alternating current using an inverter or Variable Frequency Drive.

Therefore, Surface solar water pumps are a great solution to ensure a constant flow of water for commercial as well as personal use. Not only are they harmless to the environment, after the initial investment, they can also reap benefits for the next 25 years with little maintenance.