Our Projects

Since its inception, SunShell Power has undertaken numerous projects where solar solutions are delivered to residents and corporates. Here is a glimpse of some of the projects.

Drinking Water System Project at Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Location: Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Capacity: 2 Hp 200 meter head customized pump, 2 Hp 90-meter head pump
Department: DWS Jharkhand
Purpose: Drinking Water System
Drinking water and water supply for daily life needs is a basic requirement for a human being. This may not seem to be a huge issue, but this is not the case in areas like Sahibganj, a terminal district of Jharkhand, surrounded by Hills and Jungles.
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Filtered Drinking Water Project at Ahom Pathar, Assam
Location: Ahom Pathar, Assam
Capacity: 3 Hp Openwell Submersible & 3 Hp Submersible Pump
Department: PHED Assam
Purpose: Filtered Drinking Water
Safe drinking water access is a fundamental human necessity and a basic human right. All people’s physical and social health is put at risk by contaminated water. Approximately 15% of Indians use open defecation, while more than 6% of the population lacks access to clean water. Such is the case for Ahom Pathar, a tribal village in Assam.
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202 kWp Solar Power Plant in Shab-Shib Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd
Location: Gop Kanji, Burdwan
Capacity: 202 kWp
Department: Rice Mill
Purpose: Reduction of Electricity Bill
In the state of West Bengal Shab Shib Rice Mill decided to install a 202kWp solar power plant with maximum security facilities to cater all the demand in the facility and produce rice with green energy.
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Flora Fountain 81 KWp On-grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant
Location: Kolkata
Capacity: 81 KWp
Department: Residential Complex
Purpose: Reduction of Electricity Bill and Carbon Footprint
The main purpose for installing this project is to reduce the common area electricity bill, like Common area Lighting, Community Hall, Lift, Surveillance System, Sewage Treatment Plant(STP), Parking area, UnderPass Lighting, Communication Tower, Garden, etc. We have used a Longi solar Mono parc Half Cut Solar PV module, each 450 Wp x 180. The inverter is Solis 40 KW x 2 MPT base. Lightning Arrestors are installed at suitable locations and well calculated and perfectly positioned to protect the system against any lightning strikes. Dedicated parallel-connected earth pits are provided for the LAs to maintain the lowest earth resistance.
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