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SunShell Power is one of the leading developers and operators of utility scale solar assets in India. What makes us one of the top solar company in India. Our specialized and experienced set of engineers who pioneer supreme solar energy solutions for residential as well as commercial purposes. We ensure successful, reliable and expedient installation and execution of solar solutions in all districts and towns, throughout the length and breadth of India. What we do at SunShell Power is assess the energy requirements you possess, identify the integrated system equipment your project would need, and install and integrate them into proper frameworks in order to generate maximum solar output. We pride ourselves for having a strong presence in residential segments, on-grid and off-grid industrial solar projects, and cater to all energy needs, powering change on the way. Innovative designs, optimized executions, engineered special quality solar assets is what makes us a top solar company in India that ensures you enjoy 24x7 operation and maintenance from skilled experts, and a wide range of utility products at the best competitive rates.

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What makes us a notably popular solar company in India is the precision and purpose
with which we deliver a multifarious choice of services.

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At SunShell, we allow you to choose from a multitude of high quality solar products.

15 Dec
How MNRE Benchmark Cost Is Affecting The Solar Market In India

The aim of MNRE is apparent that the government aims to push solar power to get more affordable to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the clean energy generation by which the country can go forward to the 100GW RE installation target to be met by 2022. By imposing an upper cap on the price...

02 Dec
How Does Solar Energy Reduce Carbon Footprint

Solar Power is one of the renewable energy resources in the world. The sun’s radiant light and heat are harnessed by various technologies like Photovoltaic systems, solar thermal collectors, etc. The Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of solar radiation at its upper atmosphere. 30% of the energy is reflected in space, and the rest is […]

23 Jun
Solar Energy, A Smart Alternative

Did you know that in 30 years, the IEA foresees solar PV to reach 4.7 terawatts, of which more than half will be deployed in China and India, making solar power the world’s largest source of electricity in the entire world? India has always been a leading figure in photovoltaic energy, our solar installed capacity […]

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As India stepped up its preparations for reaping the benefits of solar energy, and moving towards a greener and cleaner tomorrow, we at SunShell, as one of the early entrants into the solar universe, have taken giant leaps to bring advanced energy solutions into fruition in rural and urban areas. As a solar company in India, that is devoted towards creating a better world,we helped installing and operating rooftop solar, solar pumps and solar street lights all across India, with major focus on the places of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Assam. Being one of the top solar company in India, we aim to be of more service to the neighboring regions. Here is a glimpse at the work we’ve done so far.

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