Openwell Solar Pump

An all-in-one solution from irrigation to gardening, from fountains to sprinklers.
Openwell Solar Pump

Another type of commonly used submersible pump is the open well pump. Mainly used for Irrigation and gardening. It can also serve as a way to use the Underground reservoirs/tanks in bungalows and apartments or even to make sprinklers and fountains function. Recently these open-well pumps are also used in hospitals, hostels, swimming pools, commercial complexes, and hotels.

An AC electric motor, impeller, diffuser, cable guard, and submersible electric cable are all part of a submersible pump. The installation and operation of these pumps are fairly easy.

Open well solar pumps are installed on the floor of an underground reservoir or tank and are powered by an electrical source. A submersible pump raises water to the required level by turning the impeller’s rotational energy into water’s kinetic energy. Water is drawn into the pump and pushed/lifted through the diffuser by the rotation of the impeller.

After the initial investment, there are no extra costs attached to the operation of these openwell solar submersible pumps. As these pumps are completely submerged in water, they do not need to be primed. It also prevents any air bubbles from forming in the pump set, which might harm the inner lining of the pump.

They do not require a lot of power to extract water from it as these pumps are immersed in the water source. The water pressure alone enables the movement of the water in the pump.

Since all the components remain submerged, there is no headache in arranging for space or looking for a new foundation to install the system.

Depending on the motor rating, these pumps are available in single and three-phase variants. Special care should be given when placing the pump in the tank because if it is not entirely submerged, it may cause overheating of the motor winding, limiting the product’s lifetime. In addition, the open well solar pump should be solidly placed on the reservoir bottom so that there is no vibration and the pump operates correctly.