Other Products

Alongside solar power plant installation, Sunshell Power has established a recognized brand for solar and sustainable goods by collaborating with some of the best manufacturers in the market.

Photovoltaic systems have increasingly shown themselves to be one of the most environmentally friendly and convenient forms of energy on the planet. The future-proof and adaptable architecture simplifies integration with smart building automation devices, the smart grid, and third-party monitoring and control systems.

In a world where demand for renewable energy is always increasing, we are worried about energy conversion solutions on a global scale. We are dedicated to enabling our clients to supply more environmentally friendly and intelligent energy.

These include single-phase and tiny three-phase string inverters, as well as energy storage systems that optimize your solar system’s performance. PV installers benefit from our solutions for residential solar buildings due to their ease of installation and commissioning, while end-users benefit from an optimized user experience due to control and monitoring features that enable energy management flow in smart homes using any Wi-Fi-enabled device (PC, smartphones or tablets).

Our solutions’ future-proof and adaptable architecture makes integration with smart building automation devices, smart grid integration, and third-party monitoring and control systems a breeze.

Installer Friendly Design
Quick and easy installation, thanks to plug and play connector
Smart Capabilities
Customers benefit from inbuilt logging and direct data transmission to the internet.
Maximum Flexibility
All products are available in various power and configurations to meet client demands.
Sustainable Products
The products are not only useful, safe, and flexible, but also eco-friendly.