Solar Case Studies

Case Studies

Our case studies provide a comprehensive overview of the projects undertaken right from the start to finish

Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of 1 Hp Solar PV System With 5000 Ltrs Water Tank For Drinking Water In Different Schools

Most rural government institutions are missing the means to effectively provide water to its students without putting them at risk of bacterial infection or non-sanitary conditions. Limited supply of water, especially during the dry season put most schools in a compromise when it comes to keeping the enlisted students well hydrated.

Technical Details
  • The collected power which is in raw DC format, is passed through a hybrid controller’s AC MCB which not only enables the user in controlling the speed by using its Single Pump Drive (SPD) but also use a changeover switch to shift to using grid power.
  • Any spikes in the voltage caused from an active electric storm is prevented as the solar pump comes installed with a 2Nos Lighting Arrester that diverts the excess power to a grounded terminal.
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An Analysis On Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of 3 HP River Lifting Irrigation In The Different Regions Of West Bengal Under NBDD

The country has achieved its target of installing 20 GW of solar power 4 years ahead of its schedule and what makes the country achieve such growth and success in its solar power and harnessing chapter is the presence of solar power companies like SunShell Power.

Technical Details
  • To ensure stable operation, particularly in climates that undergo frequent fluctuations, this project opted for remote monitoring in solar pumps, as it makes troubleshooting and maintenance really easy.
  • With the remote monitoring, the DC Voltage, Input Power, Output Frequency, Energy produced can all be monitored. The DC Power that’s collected from PV strings is then passed on to the Hybrid Controller that has external SPD, Changeover Switch, DC and AC MCB.
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