12W All-in-One Solar Street Light

12W All-in-One Solar Street Light
12W Integrated Solar Street Light

Product Description

SSL-12-AIO-LFP/12W All-in-One Light is an integrated model where you get a new generation compact lighting solution with an integrated Solar Panel, LED light, Battery, and PIR Motion Sensor. The panel consists of the Polycrystalline Module which made this product cost-effective.

This Solar street light has an inbuilt MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) Charge Controller. This type of controller makes it a fast charging street light. It will give you advanced efficiency than the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) type. Its DC converter will maximize the power output.

Model SSL-12-AIO-LFP
Product Type Integrated / All-in-One
Module Capacity 50Wp
Module Type Polycrystalline Module
LED 12 W
Battery Type Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Battery Specs 12.8V; 18Ah
Battery Backup 3 Days
Motion Sensor Yes
Charge Controller Type MPPT
Dusk to Dawn Yes
Pole Type GI Pole
Pole Length 5/6 Meter
Warranty 5 Years


Smart Solar Panel
Integrated Street Light comes with smart solar panel
LED fixture
12 Watt LED fixture
Lithium-Ferro Phosphate battery
Motion Sensor
PIR Motion Sensor
Superior Battery Backup
Battery Backup up to 3 days

The Battery used here is Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4). A Lithium Battery helps you to absorb high energy and prevents you from dropping charges. This also gives you 3 days battery span in STC. In general, this battery can easily run for 5 years or more. It takes only 3.2 volts to charge. It can also be charged on cloudy days.

Here is the most important part which is LED light, on which the lighting experience depends. The company provides a 12 Watt LED light in their package. The LED gives the cooler white shade which can lighten the broader area. The best part is that it consumes 30%-40% less energy with 100-120% Lumens per LED chip.

It comes with a PIR Motion sensor that can sense the presence of objects under the light with high efficiency, while in the absence of objects it gets dimmed up to 33%. A Pyroelectric Sensor has been used in this sensor which can detect the differences in energy and improve the performance of the light.

Here we are providing Galvanized Iron Tubular pole with a height of 5/6 meters as per buyer’s choice. You don’t have to worry about turning on/off the switch since its Dusk to Dawn facility automatically operates the light. Not only that, but also we are serving this product with 5 years of warranty on the complete system.

Understanding the problem of users we have installed the theft protection. We have installed the battery in a way that it gets higher protection from theft and other weather calamities.