7.5HP AC Surface Solar Pump


Our UHX-AOSP AC solar surface pumps can be used for open irrigation but are also suitable for wells, lakes, rivers or sump.

The benefits of using them are:

  1. Water filled AC Solar motor for better performance and easy repairable on remote areas.
  2. CED coated & SS202 casting static parts in motor and pump for anti-corrosion.
  3. CED coated Casing and impellers for Higher Discharge, Smooth Operation & long-life span.
  4. Maintenance Coast is less then Borewell Pump set.


IP54 Pump Controller
Our pump controller is protected against normal water splash and solid dust.
MNRE and BIS Approved
Our pumps follow the MNRE standards and are BIS certified.
We monitor the performance of our solar pumping system and take actions to optimise generation.
Protection features
Reverse polarity, low voltage and lightening arrestor and protection against dry run.
Galvanized iron mounting structures
Our solar panels can withstand wind speed of 150 kmph due to corrosion resistant structures.

The technical specifications are as follows:

H.P./Kw Model Head (mtr.) Flow Rate (m3/hr.) Outlet (inch) Voltage (V) Current (A) Solar Power (Wp)
7.5/5.5 UHX-AOSP-7520 20 45.00 2.5” 300 17.5 7500
UHX-AOSP-7530 30 38.00 2.5” 300 17.5 7500
UHX-AOSP-7540 40 30.00 2.5” 300 17.5 7500