Transforming Shab-Shib Rice Mill with a 202 kWp Solar Power Plant, Saving Lakhs on Bills and Reducing Carbon Footprint

Location: Gop Kanji, Burdwan
Capacity: 202 kWp
Department: Rice Mill
Purpose: Reduction of Electricity Bill


The Shab-Shib Rice Mill, located in Gop Kanji, Burdwan, has been powered by a 202.95 kWp solar power plant built by SunShell Power. The site is situated on three acres of land at the intersection of Kalna-Katwa Road and Dainhat Road, making it an ideal location in terms of transportation. About 6km from the location is Katwa, the nearest city.

The rice mill has been operational for the last 30 years. It consumes approximately 581000kWh of electricity and incurs approximately Rs. 58 lakhs in power costs each year. Aside from the ever-increasing electricity bills, these are problems the rice mill has been facing due to an unstable power supply:

  • Diesel motors are used as a backup power source which results in higher operational costs.
  • A great deal of CO2 is released into the atmosphere, causing harm to the environment.
  • Frequent power outages disrupt the day-to-day operation at the factory.


Our Solution

SunShell completed this project in collaboration with RRSP. After assessing their needs and the unusable space available, we planned this:

  • Using a 300 mm Al channel mounting system with rivets was the mounting structure used here.
  • This plant used two high-quality ABB inverters of 100 kWp each, along with FRP walkways that maintained the highest safety standards.
  • Installing lightning arrestors at suitable locations and ensuring that they are well-calculated and positioned to protect the system from lightning strikes is crucial.


In A Glance

  • Grid-connected system
  • Net Metering Facility
  • Solar PV Module: 450Wp x234 no.s ; 450kWp x 217 no.s
  • Inverter: ABB 100 kWp x2
  • MC4 Connector: Elmex
  • AC Cable: 120 3.5 core AI Cable XLPE
  • DC Cable: 95 sq. mm Single Core Cu Cable Flexible
  • Grid Interfacing Panel: GPT
  • Net Meter: 3ph CT based, 400V. 0.5 Accuracy class, HPL



The installation of solar power plants at the ShabShib rice mill will have a significant impact on the environment and their business. ShabShib Rice Mill will get rid of 300 tonnes of carbon footprint annually. Besides reducing CO2 emissions, ShabShib Rice Mill saves 24 Lac on electricity bills every year, which is further increased to 30 Lacs through tax benefits. In the first year alone, their commitment to the environment & determination to overcome the dust challenge at rice mills earned them an impressive return of 30 lacs.

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