Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL) Substation in Assam Reduces Carbon Footprint with 90 kWp Solar Power Plant

90 kWp Solar Power Plant
Location: Niz Baghmari, Assam.
Capacity: 90 kWp Grid Connected
Department: Public Sector Undertakings
Purpose: Reduction of Electricity Bill and Carbon Footprint


We are proud to announce the successful completion of a challenging grid-connected solar power project at the PGCIL (Power Grid Corporation of India) substation in Niz Baghmari, Assam.
Despite the difficulties associated with shipping, and delivery issues due to the remote location, our team at SunShell Power demonstrated our commitment to excellence and ability to overcome obstacles throughout the project. Despite the logistical challenges, our team successfully managed the project and completed it ahead of schedule. This was within an impressive timeframe of just 3 months from receipt of the work order.


Our Solution

Our technical expertise allowed us to install a capacity of 90 KWP, the installation encompassed 270 high-quality 335 WP Polycrystalline 72 Cells Modules, ensuring optimal energy generation in challenging conditions. With an on-grid inverter configuration, roof-top structures, and array junctions, we optimized power conversion and system stability. Our solution included ACDBs, lightning arrestors, and earthing protectors for efficient distribution and safety.


In A Glance

  • Plant type: Grid-connected
  • Net metering: Yes
  • Solar PV Module: 60 KW x 1 nos, + 30 Kwp 1 nos
  • Capacity: 90 KWp
  • Inverter: Yes
  • ACDB: 2 Nos ACDB – (30 KWP + 60 KWP)
  • MMS: Roof top Structure (8 module Structure and 10 module structure)
  • Array Junction: Inbuild inside Inverter
  • Termination: Yes Inside LT DB
  • Lightning arrestor: Yes, conventional LA
  • Earthing protection: Yes, 8 with pipe earthing



This 90 KWp solar project will help Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL) substation at Assam reduce upto 100 metric tons of carbon emissions per year. While reducing PGCIL’s massive carbon footprint, it will also reduce its electricity costs.

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