3 HP Solar Water Pumping System for Sustainable Irrigation in Coochbehar

3 HP Solar Water Pumping System
Location: Coochbehar
Capacity: 3 HP
Department: WBWRIDD Agri Irrigation
Purpose: Irrigation


Coochbehar’s 3 HP Solar Water Pumping System aids the irrigation process. With the help of solar panels, electricity is easily generated even in enormous remote agricultural fields where conventional grid electricity isn’t developed.


Our Solution

After assessing their needs, we suggested a 3-horsepower solar power pumping system. Among SunShell Power’s solar water pumping systems, the IP 54 enclosure is one of our hallmark water pumping solutions. This ensures the safety of users because the pump control box does not have to be opened. Additionally, load-changing switches would prevent AC and DC power transmissions simultaneously, thereby preventing the Pump Controller and Solar Panel from being burned.


In A Glance

  • 3 HP solar water pumping system
  • Lightning arrestors, earthing cables, and other Balance of System components
  • Automatic dual-axis tracker, it becomes easier for the user to change the angles at which the solar panels face the sun, simply by loosening the nuts and bolts that hold the panels in their proper positions.
  • This tracker also reduces operational time and maintenance cost when compared to a single-pole dual-axis manual tracker.
  • The water pumping system of SunShell Power comes exclusively with separate AC and DC multi-layer protection.
  • AC MCB and Change Over Switch are the types of protection observed on one side while on the DC side, DC MCB, DC SPD, and GPF Fuse are present.



Coochbehar’s 3 HP solar water pumping system is instrumental in ensuring a sustainable, efficient irrigation process in Coochbehar. As a result, the farmers of Coochbehar are able to produce high-quality crops with consistent yields year after year. Furthermore, the use of this renewable energy-driven system has created a significant reduction in costs for Coochbehar’s farmers, making it a viable and profitable investment for the future. This 3HP system has also reduced the fields’ carbon footprint by 30 tonnes each year.

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