Installation of 5 HP Submersible Solar Water Pumping System Enables Sustainable Irrigation

Location: Dhupguri
Capacity: 5 HP
Department: WBWRIDD Agri Mechanical
Purpose: Irrigation

Overview – 5 HP Submersible Solar Water Pumping System

Located in Dhupguri, West Bengal, this 5 HP Submersible Solar Water Pumping System is a state-of-the-art system installed by SunShell Power.

For irrigation purposes, the plant utilizes solar panel units to power a 5 Horsepower VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) solar pump set. Agri Mechanical’s Water Resources Investigation & Development Department is involved in the project.


Our Solution

It was a major challenge during installation to avoid pump controllers and solar power units from burning out when switching between solar and grid power. Using a load change-over switch, SunShell Power delivered an innovative solution to the problem, which allowed only one power source to operate at once, either AC Power from the grid or DC Power from solar panels. The project has been a huge success.


In A Glance

  • 5 HP Submersible Solar Water Pumping System
  • Advanced Solar remote monitoring system
  • The dual-axis tracker structure of the solar panel allows easy changing of the tilt structure of the solar panels to maximize solar power output.
  • Advanced features for human safety, IP 54 encloser for the controller box, and separate AC and DC multi-layer protection make this one of the most reliable solar water pumping systems ever made.



By harnessing solar energy for irrigation, this project promotes eco-friendly practices in an area without access to the conventional electric grid or flowing water for that matter. These farmers are able to increase their crop yields due to better access to water. It not only minimizes operation and maintenance costs but also contributes to a sustainable future with zero pollution, a perfect solution for a farmer community.

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