Saradeshwari Kanya Vidyapith Empowers Girls with 6 kWp Solar Power Plant, Saving Money and Reducing Carbon Footprint

Location: Khanyan, Hooghly, West Bengal
Capacity: 6kWp
Department: Government School
Purpose: To Reduce Electricity Bill

Overview – 6 kWp On-Grid Solar Power Plant

Saradeshwari Kanya Vidyapith is an all-girls government school in Khanyan, Hooghly, West Bengal. They are saving on utility bills and reducing their on carbon footprint every year. The money being saved on the hefty electricity bills is now put towards improving the quality of education for little girls and buying new printer machines and smartboards.


Our Solution

It was determined that there was sufficient roof space for installing a 6kWp On-Grid Solar Power Plant to meet the school’s energy requirements after inspecting the site in Khanyan, Hooghly. The 6kWp On-Grid Solar Power Plant is grid-connected and has the net metering capability. Additionally, lightning arrestors with dedicated earthing and proper earthing protection were installed in compliance with IS 3043 to ensure safety for kids.


In A Glance

  • Solar Modules: 72 cells polycrystalline 300Wp solar module x20 Nos
  • Solar Grid-connected inverter: 6 kWp Solar Inverter – SMA Zever
  • Structure: Weather Protected GI Structure with 85micron galvanization thickness
  • AJB: Yes, with SPD Type II 1000V 40kA, PV string fuse 1000V 15A
  • ACDB: Yes with AC side SPD, Indication LED, and Suitable size MCB with
  • Termination: At LT side 415V
  • Lightning arrestor: Yes, with dedicated earthing
  • Earthing protection: yes, complied with IS 3043



The installation of a 6kWp On-Grid Solar Power Plant at Saradeshwari Kanya Vidyapith has had a remarkable impact. Not only are they saving over ₹30,000 per year and reducing carbon emissions by 7.6 tons annually, but it has helped them achieve their sustainability goal while spreading awareness about renewable energy and its positive impact on climate change among teachers, students and their parents. Through the installation of the solar power plant, we have not only empowered the school but also fostered a brighter future for these girls.

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