7.5 HP Solar Water Pumping System With Dual Axis Tracker & Sprinkler

Location: Coochbehar
Capacity: 7.5Hp
Department: WBWRIDD Argi Mechanical
Purpose: Irrigation

Overview – 7.5 HP Solar Water Pumping System

SunShell powers integrated the 7.5 HP solar water pumping system in the Chitmahal area in the Coochbihar district. This system aims to lift water from the nearby river and distribute it to the 8 hectares of land through sprinklers. This project was a first of its kind and was closely monitored by the Chief Minister’s office.

The whole structure used 24 numbers of 72 Cells 325Wp Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels with a dual-axis tracker, operated manually by a single person. The dual-axis tracker helps track the sun’s changing positions due to the earth’s rotation and revolution movements and, in turn, helps capture the maximum amount of sun’s energy to be used for the system. One axis is azimuth, which allows the solar panel to move left and right. The other axis is elevation and allows the panel to turn up and down. Further, to protect against any lightning phenomenon, lightning arrestors were also incorporated in the structure. The 7.5 HP solar water pumping system has a monoblock surface pump, which allows the individuals to lift and deliver water from the riverbed into the fields via a sprinkler system.

It should be noted here that the system’s core is the solar water pump controller used in this project, which makes the whole system function efficiently.

Here is a video of the project:

Technical Details

The most important technical system in this solar pump is the presence of a manual dual-axis tracking system.  It also comes with a drip irrigation system. The user can change the angles of the axis to the desired measure so as to face the sun. This can be easily done by simply loosening the nuts and bolts and holding the panels in proper positions.  The tracker is cost-effective and has reduced operation time in comparison to the single pole dual-axis manual tracker.



An IP 54 enclosure is a hallmark of SunShell Power’s solar water pumping system. This helps in maintaining the safety of the users, and there remain no requirements for opening the pump controlling box. It has a solar remote monitoring system which is highly efficient and user-friendly. This is an added plus point about the products developed by SunShell. It reduces pollution to the next level and is a very environment-friendly option to be availed of.

SunShell always prioritizes human safety and reliability when it comes to the installation of any project. This project was no different. The cabinet used to fit the solar pump is of IP 54 variety which ensures protection against dust and water splashes. The pump controller is equipped with an on-load changeover switch with a mechanical safety lock to ensure the protection of the farmers from high voltage DC. To protect against any kind of AC and DC charge, the system is fitted with SPD and suitable AC and DC MCBs for proper switching. There is also a provision for monitoring real-time data remotely with the help of a mobile application or desktop that was made in India using Japanese technology.



An added advantage of SunShell Power over other water pump companies in India is that it uses load-changing switches, and this does not allow AC and DC transmission simultaneously & prevents the electrical hazard which can lead to death. The separate AC -DC multilayer protection is an added feature provided by SunShell Power in their water pumping systems which is not otherwise found in many solar water pumps in India.  Hence, it saves the pump controller and solar panel from getting burnt. So, this will be immensely helpful for farmers.


Technical Features

  • 24 numbers of 72 Cells 325Wp Poly-Crystalline Solar Panel
  • Dual-axis tracker- Can be Manually operated by a single person
  • Lightning arrestor- to protect the system from lightning
  • 7.5 Hp- Monoblock Surface Pump used to lift the water from river bed & deliver into the fields via sprinkling system
  • IP 54- Cabinet
  • On-Load Changeover Switch with Mechanical safety lock- Farmers are protected from High Voltage DC.
  • Protection- The system is protected from AC & DC surge with SPD, Suitable DC and AC MCBs are present for proper switching
  • Remote monitoring system- All crucial data can be monitored in real-time via mobile application or desktop.
  • Make in India with Japanese Technology.
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