Alcove New Kolkata: Empowering High-End Residential Society with a 189KWp On-Grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant, Saving Lakhs on Bills and Embracing Sustainability

189KWp On-Grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant
Location: Serampore, Hooghly
Capacity: 189KWp
Department: Residential Complex
Purpose: Reduction of Electricity Bill and Carbon Footprint


Alcove New Kolkata, an Alcove Realty township project in Seramopore, Hooghly is a high-end residential society on the banks of the serene River Ganga. Alcove provides a wide range of modern-day amenities with its flats in New Kolkata, Serampore, including common area lighting, community halls, lifts, surveillance systems, wastewater treatment plants, parking areas, underpass lighting, communication towers, gardens, and high-tech gyms.

This Alcove Realty project not only connects its residents with nature with its fountains and gardens but also steps forward to conserve it by installing one 31.5 KWp solar rooftop power plant on each of its six towers. Alcove chose SunShell Power as its solar partner to install solar power plants that helped in reducing electricity bills and its carbon footprint.


Our Solution

After assessing their energy needs, we planned this:

  • 450 Wp x 420 Longi Monocrystalline Half Cut Solar PV modules were used.
  • Each solar panel also had a DC optimizer capable of 950W. The product is often seen in Western countries due to its high-tech nature.
  • Their rapid shutdown technology ensures the utmost safety. As it’s contained in the conduit running from panel to panel to the inverter, it’s generally safe.
  • The tower is designed to withstand wind speeds of 180 Kmph with an on-grid commercial solar power plant rated at 189 KWp and a hot-dip galvanized tier steel structure.
  • The Lightning Arrestor is mounted at suitable locations and is carefully calculated and positioned to protect the system from lightning strikes. Parallel-connected earth pits are provided in LAs to keep earth resistance as low as possible.
  • This solar inverter is a Solar Edge 27.6 KW x 6 MPT model, which makes a more robust system.
  • A total of 420 modules were used in New Kolkata.


In A Glance

  • Grid-connected system
  • Net Metering Facility
  • Solar PV Modules: 450Wp x 420 (Each Tower has 70) Longi Solar Monocrystalline Half Cut
  • One DC Optimizer 950W capacity used for every 2 Solar panel
  • Inverter: SolarEdge 27.6KW x 6
  • MMS: Hot – DIP galvanised double-tier stature capability to withstand 180 Kmph Wind Speed
  • Array Junction Box: IP65 Rated, water splash & Dust proof. Protected with 1000V 40Ka DC SPD and 1000V 32A PV String Fuse.
  • ACDB: AC side is protected against 63A MCB, 4P, & Y configured SPDs are provided inside ACDB to protect the system from any Internal or External Surge
  • Lightning Arrestors: Lightning arresters are installed at suitable locations and well-calculated and perfectly maintained distances to protect the system against any lightning strikes.
  • Dedicated parallel-connected earth pits are provided for the LAs to maintain the lowest earth resistance.
  • Earthing protection: For the safety of the whole system total of 20 high-quality low-resistance earth pits are provided with compliance with the latest IS standard.
  • Termination: At 415 V LT side.



Installing solar power plants has enabled Alcove Realty to save almost 20 lacs on electricity bills annually and minimize its carbon footprint. The high-rise residential society has been able to generate its own clean energy, reducing its dependence on grid electricity. This has led to significant cost savings while also providing its residents – safer and greener abode!

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