North Bengal College Embraces Renewable Energy: Installs 60 kWp Solar Power Plant for Sustainable Future

60 kWp Solar Power Plant
Location: Falakata, Coochbihar
Capacity: 60 kWp
Department: Educational Institute
Purpose: Reduction of Electricity Bill


We at SunShell Powers are committed to providing our clients with the high- quality products that meet their needs. A switch from nonrenewable energy sources to solar power also results in reduced carbon dioxide emissions for the planet. Ghoksadanga College will be able to meet its energy needs with a 60 KW grid-connected solar power plant.


Our Solution

After assessing their energy needs, we suggested a 60kWp solar rooftop power plant that is grid-connected with a net metering facility. It has 182 Numbers of 72 cells 330Wp made of polycrystalline solar panels. The inverter used is an ABB model of 60kWp.


In A Glance

  • Solar PV Modules: 182 Numbers of 72 cells 330Wp polycrystalline solar panel
  • Inverter: ABB 60kWp
  • MMS: Hot-dip Galvanised double tier structure with the capability to withstand 200kMph Wind Speed
  • Plant type: Grid-connected
  • Array Junction Box: IP65 rated. Water splash proof, dust and vermin proof. Protected with 1000V 40kA DC SPD and 1000V 15A PV string fuses.
  • ACDB: AC side is protected against suitable rated MCB and MCCBs. AC 4P Y configured SPDs are provided inside ACDBs to protect the system from any external surge coming from the grid side.
  • Lightning Arrestors: Lightning arresters are installed at suitable locations and well-calculated and correctly maintained distances to protect the system against lightning strikes. Dedicated parallel-connected earth pits are provided for the LAs to maintain the lowest earth resistance.
  • Earthing protection: For the safety of the whole system total of 8 nos high-quality, low-resistance earth pits are provided in compliance with the latest IS standard.
  • Net metering: Yes
  • Termination: At 415 V LT side
  • The system is protected against any surge from both DC and AC sides. On the PV side, the IP65 Array Junction box is provided.



The implementation of a 60 kW grid-connected solar power plant at Ghoksadanga College by SunShell Powers will not only meet the institution’s energy needs but also contribute to a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, saving an estimated 5 tons of CO2 per month. This sustainable solution inspires students to choose an environmentally friendly path, highlighting the growing popularity of solar power as a viable alternative.

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