First Net Zero Solar Pump House: Drinking Water Supply In 5 Km Radius With Zero Electricity Bill

Location: Jalpaiguri
Capacity: 33 Kwp
Department: NBDD
Purpose: Drinking Water Purpose

Overview – 2 x 12.5 HP Solar Water Pump & 8 KWp Solar Power Plant

This 2 x 12.5 HP Solar Water Pump and 8 KWp Solar Power Plant in Jalpaiguri has saved the lives of many by providing clean and drinkable water for consumption. This pump has been set up to supply water in tribal villages in the area. The solar pump needs no special concept for running it. The pump set has also led to no bill payment to DISCOM. In these areas finding proper water to drink would have otherwise been a tough task, the solar water pump with the help of solar energy has made the task easier than ever thought.


Technical Details

The pump and the solar rooftop power plant have a high elevated structure. The solar pump set has a grid-connected inverter, Solar Panels. It comes with a pump controller, Array Junction Box (for DC side protection), a distribution Box (for AC side protection), LA, earthing, cables. The separate AC -DC multilayer protection is an added feature provided by SunShell Power in their water pumping systems which is mostly not found in many solar water pumps in India.



The solar pump comes with an IP 54 enclosure due to which, opening the pump controlling box is not a requirement for the same. It has a solar remote monitoring system that is highly proficient and user-friendly. These are added features of products developed by SunShell. The reduction of pollution and environment-friendly nature makes it one of the best options to be availed.



The SunShell Power is such a solar company in India that uses load-changing switches. This is not a very common feature in other solar companies in India or in Bengal. This does not allow AC and DC transmission at the same time. Consequently, it protects the pump controller and solar panel from getting burnt.

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