Green Living with 81 KWp On-grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant at Flora Fountain, Kolkata

81 KWp On-grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant
Location: Kolkata
Capacity: 81 KWp
Department: Residential Complex
Purpose: Reduction of Electricity Bill and Carbon Footprint


Alcove Realty Flora Fountain is a self-sufficient residential project in Topsia, Kolkata. The Flora Fountain is a pre-certified GOLD Green Building project accredited by the Indian Green Building Council, combining nature, convenience, and fine living. To strengthen its IGBC accreditation, Alcove Realty partnered with SunShell Power to install one 40.5KWp solar rooftop power plant on each of its 2 towers. The solar power plants provide electricity for all of the common area amenities and recreation centres like common area lighting, community hall, lifts, surveillance system, sewage treatment plant, parking area, underpass lighting, communication tower, garden, and high-tech gyms.


Our Solution

After assessing their energy needs, we planned this:

  • A Longi solar Mono parc Half Cut Solar PV module, each 450 Wp x 180.
  • The inverter is Solis 40 KW x 2 MPT base.
  • Lightning Arrestors are installed at suitable locations and are well-calculated and perfectly positioned to protect the system against any lightning strikes.
  • Dedicated parallel-connected earth pits are provided for the LAs to maintain the lowest earth resistance.
  • For better performance in case of moving shadow, the solar panels are on-grid and equipped with an optimizer. The technology is typically found in western countries.


In A Glance

  • Grid-connected system
  • Net Metering Facility
  • Solar PV Module: 450Wp x 180 (Each Tower has 89) Longi Solar Mono Parc Half Cut
  • Inverter: Solis 40KW x 2 MPT base
  • DBDB: Included inside the inverter.
  • ACDB: 80A MCCB, SPD Y configure
  • Lightning Arrestors: Lightning arresters are installed at suitable locations and are well-calculated and perfectly maintained distances to protect the system against any lightning strikes.
  • Earthing protection: For safety high-quality low resistance earth pits are provided in compliance with the latest IS standard. AC & DC Separate Earthing
  • Termination: At 415 V LT side.



Flora Fountain’s 81KWp On-grid Rooftop Solar Power Plant helped the building gain its Gold Green Building certification while also reducing its massive electricity bills for the common spaces and recreational areas. This helped Alcove Realty promote renewable energy resources to build a strong brand identity while actually getting rid of 30 tonnes of CO2 annually. Also, the project was featured in YLE Finland’s “India’s Energy Transition” program, highlighting solar power’s contribution to India’s renewable energy goals. The recognition on an international platform further boosted the project’s visibility and proved its success.

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