363 kWp Grid-Connected Solar Power Plant at Ford Sholinganallur, Chennai

363 kWp Grid-Connected Solar Power Plant
Location: Chennai
Capacity: 363 kWp
Department: Private
Purpose: Reduction of Electricity Bill and Carbon Footprint


The integrated manufacturing facilities Ford operates in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and Sanand, Gujarat, are part of Ford’s global manufacturing strategy. Investing more than USD 2 billion in India since 1995, it is committed to building a sustainable, profitable business here.

It is not just business that Ford is committed to in India. Their concern extends to the people and communities of India as well. With campaigns like Happy Schools, Sujal, and Courtesy in India, Ford plays a significant role in addressing issues related to education, sustainability, and auto safety.

As part of their sustainability goals, they have recently expressed intentions to switch to solar-based power to reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on non-renewable energy.


Our Solution

The project was done in collaboration with Auro Power and L&T. After assessing their energy needs, we decided on a 363 kWp grid-connected solar rooftop power plant to be installed on the 14th floor. Designed with a 30-micron globalization thickness, the hot-dip galvanized structure is capable of withstanding winds of 180 kilometres per hour. With no lift in the building and glass windows, materials could not even be hoisted up with a pulley. SunShell performed an impeccable job of lifting and moving every part of the structure manually, making it a challenging physical task.

Additionally, the plant offers net metering for 363 kWp. Solar Modules each with 350Wp and 72 monocrystalline cells, totalling 363KWp. The solar power plant helped cut electricity costs and reduce the manufacturing unit’s carbon footprint.


In A Glance

  • Plant type: Grid-connected
  • Net metering: Yes
  • Solar PV Module: 72 cells 350Wp Mono-crystalline Solar Panels cumulative363 KWp
  • Inverter: Growatt with 6channel MPPT inbuilt AC & DC SPD with string level monitoring
  • Array Junction Box: IP65 rated. Water splash proof, dust and vermin proof. Protected with
  • 1000V 40kA DC SPD and 1000V 15A PV string fuses
  • ACDB: AC side is protected against suitable rated MCB and MCCBs. AC 4P Y configured SPD.
  • Lightning Arrestors: Yes, With dedicated earth pits, parallel-connected earth pits are provided for the LAs to maintain the lowest earth resistance.
  • Earthing protection: Yes, as per IS 3043 (1987)
  • Structure: Installed on the 14th floor with 180 KMPH wind withstand capacity. Hot-dip galvanized Iron structure.
  • Termination: At LT side 415V



Ford’s commitment to India goes beyond business, extending to the well-being of its people and communities. Through initiatives like Happy Schools in India, they actively address education and took a significant step towards sustainability by installing a 363 kWp solar rooftop power plant on the 14th floor of their manufacturing facility in Chennai, which will help reduce approximately 530 metric tons of carbon emissions per year. This move not only reduced their carbon footprint but will also help them save money on electricity bills.

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