Operation And Maintenance Of 850 KWp Solar Power Plant At GRSE – Kolkata

Location: Kolkata
Capacity: 850 KWp
Purpose: Maintenance

Overview – Operation and Maintenance of 850 kWp Solar Power Plant

Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd, or GRSE, founded in 1884, is India’s leading shipyards, located in Kolkata, West Bengal. Under the MoD’s administrative control, GRSE primarily caters to the shipbuilding requirements of the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard. It also repairs and builds commercial vessels. Presently GRSE has also started building export ships in a mission to expand its business.

The shipyard has 3 solar projects inside the premises, commissioned at different times, which totals to 850kWh. Our work scope includes the comprehensive Operation and Maintenance of the said solar power plants, including cleaning solar modules at regular intervals, breakdown maintenance, fault detection maintenance, and the replacement of faulty switchgear to meet the generation guarantee.
When the solar plants are installed at a considerable height in a tin shed on high slopes, the solar plants’ cleaning and maintenance become difficult. Proper cleaning is imperative to the longevity and reliability of the solar plants, but the workers also need to be careful to avoid any mishaps. SunShell took extra care and ensured that all the workers had required safety gear like safety belts, harness, safety helmet, safety shoe, safety jacket, gloves, etc., to execute the work with perfection.
Some reputed solar EPC companies like Sova Solar Ltd, Kriti Solar, and Hindustan Solar have implemented the solar power plants that are present on the site.

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