Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality: Grid Connect Solar PV Rooftop Power Plant

Location: Sonarpur
Capacity: 10 KWp Cumulative
Department: Government body, Municipality office

Overview – 10 KWp Grid Connect Solar Rooftop Power Plant

SunShell power facilitated the 10 kWp solar rooftop power plant in Rajpur Sonarpur, notably the first solar plant under this municipality in West Bengal to get SPV (solar photovoltaic ) plant with net metering. The historical event witnessed the arrival of Hon. Minister of Power, WB, Sri Manish Gupta, who inaugurated the project. The project was executed with the utmost care and attention, which brought about huge media attention. It was published in leading newspapers like Ananda Bazar Patrika and was simultaneously telecasted by Kolkata TV in West Bengal.


Technical Details

The 10 kWp solar rooftop power plant was executed by SunShell Power equipped with a grid-connected inverter with net metering. The solar plant consists of 40 numbers of solar PV modules of 250 Wp each and two inverters of SMA-Zever 5kWp with a DC switch. SunShell assures system protection and reliability. Hence AJP with SPD type II 1000V 40kA on PV string fuse of 1000V 15A and ACDB with AC side SPD (surge protective device) equipped with LED indication and suitable side MCB have been introduced. Further proper termination system has been fitted at the LT side of 415V. In compliance with IE and BIS guidelines, dedicated earthing with lightning arrestors and proper protection have also been implemented to ensure maximum safety.



In a tropical country like India that enjoys around 300 sunny days a year, the prospect of a solar rooftop power plant brings measurable energy efficiency impact and spells limitless potential. SunShell’s smart installation of 10 KWP Grid connected Rooftop Power Plant at Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality with its remote monitoring system ensures user-friendly usage and efficient and proper utilization of prior unused roof space. It not only caps electricity expenses but also stands as a viable eco-friendly choice that needs quick adaptation in the face of the global climate crisis that threatens humanity.


Technical Features

  • Plant type: Grid-connected
  • Net metering: Yes
  • Solar PV Module: 250Wp x 40 nos
  • Inverter: SMA-Zever 5kWpx2 with DC switch
  • AJB: yes with SPD Type II 1000V 40kA, PV string fuse 1000V 15A
  • ACDB: yes with AC side SPD, Indication LED, and Suitable size MCB
  • Termination: At LT side 415V
  • Lightning arrestor: Yes with dedicated earthing
  • Earthing protection: Yes, complied with IS 3043
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