10 kWp Grid Connect Solar Rooftop Power Plant at Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality: Leading the Way in West Bengal’s Solar Movement

10 kWp Grid Connect Solar Rooftop Power Plant
Location: Sonarpur
Capacity: 10 KWp Cumulative
Department: Government body, Municipality office
Purpose: Reduction of Electricity Bill and Carbon Footprint


Rajpur Sonarpur has a 10 kWp solar rooftop power plant with net metering, notably the first solar plant in West Bengal with a solar photovoltaic (SPV) plant. Sri Manish Gupta, the Hon Minister of Power, West Bengal, inaugurated the project. A lot of attention was paid to the project, which brought huge media coverage. Several leading Bengali newspapers, including Ananda Bazar Patrika, published the article, while Kolkata TV broadcast it simultaneously.


Our Solution

After assessing their energy needs, we decided on a 10 kWp solar rooftop power plant with a grid-connected inverter. 40 solar PV modules with 250 Watts each, and two SMA-Zever 5KWp inverters with a DC switch. A PV string fuse with SPD type II 1000V 40kA, an ACDB with AC side SPD (surge protective device) equipped with LED indication and suitable side MCB. On the LT side of 415V, a proper termination system has been installed. A dedicated earthing system with lightning arrestors along with proper protection was also installed to ensure maximum safety according to IE and BIS guidelines.

In A Glance

  • Plant type: Grid-connected
  • Net metering: Yes
  • Inverter: SMA-Zever 5kWpx2 with DC switch
  • AJB: yes with SPD Type II 1000V 40kA, PV string fuse 1000V 15A
  • ACDB: yes with AC side SPD, Indication LED, and Suitable size MCB
  • Termination: At LT side 415V
  • Lightning arrestor: Yes with dedicated earthing
  • Earthing protection: Yes, comply with IS 3043



Using SunShell’s grid-connected rooftop power plant at Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality ensures optimum utilization of previously unused roof space and promotes environmental friendliness. It has even saved them about 70% on electricity bills. Aside from reducing massive electricity costs, it also helps them get rid of 12,300 kg of CO2 emissions per year.

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