Solar Street Light At Assam – APDCL

Location: Assam
Department: Government Tender

Overview – Solar Street Light at Assam

Assam Power Development Corporation Limited issued a tender for the project of installing 242 solar street lights. SunShell Powers won this tender bidding by providing the lowest quote price for the complete installation of 242 solar street lights throughout various districts in Assam.

Assam is known for its wildlife, archeological sites, and tea plantations. Installing the solar lights, SunShell was faced with many challenges. The rural areas made it inaccessible, and the dense forests and plantation fields made transporting the materials to the site challenging. Nevertheless, SunShell faced every challenge heads on and completed the project with huge success.

The “Majuli Project” implemented by Spicejet to electrify a remote village in Majuli, Assam, which is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest river island, was very important in the history of the introduction of solar power in remote areas. It set a ‘solar microgrid’ on the site in about 75 days. A ‘Solar microgrid’ is a small-scale power grid that can operate independently or in conjunction with the area’s main electrical grid to supply electricity to a limited number of households. This project helped provide electricity to approximately 70 households, one school, an Anganwadi, and two temples, apart from street lighting.
In this project of installing 242 solar street lights across Assam, SunShell also signed a contract to be responsible for 5 years of comprehensive operations and maintenance services after completing the project.


Technical Details

A total of 242 solar street lights was installed across Assam. The solar panels used in these light systems were 200wp with a battery of 12V 150Ah. This ensured that sufficient solar energy was stored in the battery to illuminate the roads at night time. Each street light was mounted on a 7m long octagonal pole with a 36W LED light. The whole project was a huge success and a proud achievement for SunShell Powers.


Technical Features

  • Solar Panel: 200Wp
  • Battery: 12V 150Ah
  • LED light: 36W LED light
  • Pole: 7 m octagonal pole
  • Total project no. 242 nos.
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