Solar Pump

Solar Pump

India is an agricultural country. Three fifth of India’s population are farmers. Capturing the sun's energy for light, heat, hot water, and electricity can be a convenient way to save money. Whether drying crops, heating buildings, or powering a water pump, using the sun can make the farm more efficient. The amount of sun’s heat that earth receives is enormous. So why not put the sun to work. Solar can be used in numerous ways for agricultural purposes like saving money, increasing self-reliance and reducing pollution.

Solar water pumping systems are a highly reliable and low-maintenance option for agriculture. Installation of solar panels is economical for remote livestock water supply, pond aeration, and small irrigation systems. This is not a far out alternative kind where the energy is sustainably more reliable.

A revolution is taking place as how water is being pumped in remote locations beyond the reach of electric power lines. Solar-electric, or Photovoltaic power has proven to be an ideal way to lift water for drinking, sanitation, stock tanks, and irrigation. As the weather is very hot and rainfall is not received at a desired rate so insufficiency of water is common problems among the farmers. So why not build up pumps that can be run by solar. Solar power can be used to draw water from distance source and direct it towards the needed location.

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has taken huge initiative to promote Solar Water Pump throughout the India. As per the plan there would be at least 10lac numbers of Solar pump in India by 2022 for Irrigation and drinking water. NABARD is also playing a pivotal role in this endeavor.

Solar powered water pumps can be placed in or next to the pond or other source of water Eg. bore. Solar water pumping is clean and efficient. Your panels give the most pumping power on the sunniest days, when you need the water most. You never have to worry about polluting the groundwater or air with a gas or diesel powered pump.

Solar-powered water systems take very little maintenance because they only have a few moving parts. They have long life. It can be operated in dual mode solar & conventional grid. Solar water pumping systems never run out of fuel as long as the sun is shining.

SunShell Power has already established themselves as a highly reputed and trustworthy solution provider in solar pump in Kolkata as well as in eastern India. We have worked in every possible type of solar water pumping applications like, water pumping from river, from well or bore, drip irrigation and Drinking water.