Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

From the ancient times after discovery of fire, humans are spreading light through-out the world. Light is hope of life, let there be light everywhere. Civilization goes on: villages become urban and urban reforms to a city. Lighting takes the biggest share of today’s energy consumption.

Street lights in Kolkata or any other metro cities consume almost 38% of total energy consumption. Street lights are installed and maintained by the local body generally. In most of the cases the lights are neither selected nor designed properly. There is a lack of proper planning and studies on illumination. Task based or traffic based lights are required for proper utilization.

Now 31 million street lights in India light up every night. Among them conventional lights (Incandescent, Sodium vapor etc.) hold the biggest market share which are not energy efficient. As the energy tariff is getting hiked day by day it is becoming difficult to maintain the operating cost. On the other side, due to poor operational efficiency most of the lights are turned on during the day time.

Recently, huge initiatives from the government are coming up to improve energy efficiency in this sector. India Government has set up an impressive goal to substitute all conventional street lights into LED by 2022. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is promoting Solar street lights in India. Whereas by switching to LED lights the electricity consumption can be decreased, LED solar street light doesn’t need electricity from conventional grid. It is a well anticipated execution plan to decrease the energy consumption from conventional sources, carbon emission and to achieve desired energy eco efficiency.

SunShell Power plays a significant role in this agenda. We are one of the reputed & trusted solution provider of street lights in Kolkata as well as in the eastern India. We provide various solution in LED Solar Street Lights from design, simulation to installation. We ensured task based and traffic based lighting solutions, like different types of lights in heavy or low traffic area and for rural street with automatic on-off (dawn to dusk) facility. We focus on quality of the product, deal with efficient driver, hot dip galvanized pole and high quality luminaire.

With uncompromising quality and integrity SunShell Power becomes the first choice of many end users from various places of Rural Bengal. More than 500 Solar Street Lights have been supplied last year without any complaints from the customer so far.