An Analysis On 225 KWp On-Grid Solar PV Plant At North Bengal University, Siliguri

For any organization or company to strive, it must assume some critical responsibility of providing its consumers with quality and dependable products or services. SunShell Power is a company as such. It is a solar power plant company in India known for its competence in providing quality to its clients. Its main priority is to provide optimum customer satisfaction by providing unique products and services (i.e., different solar power plants needed). This is our zeal, and we stand by it with all our strength.

Most setups are expected to have a constant water supply for their work and daily endeavors. Schools especially require suitable and powerful technology that will provide water for students’ needs in the entire school. Our technology has shown magnanimous positivity in providing enough water for use at any time. With our 225 KWp solar On-Grid plant, you will be thrilled with the outcome after it has been installed and executed on your property. All our clients have given us positive reviews for what we have done in their various settings.


Product Overview

SunShell Power is an India-based company that provides unique products and services to its clients to quench their desire for technological satisfaction.

The installation of 225 KWp On-grid Solar PV Plant at North Bengal University (located at NBU, Siliguri, West Benga) is one of our successful projects that provided the university with a swift solution by giving them what they need. We were able to counter the problem they were experiencing by installing some solar rooftop technologies. They usually have a leakage problem during the rainy season, and it isn’t comforting to everyone in the surrounding.


Technical details

We carefully examined the problem with our expertise and experience in this field. We came up with a fantastic solution that involves installing a 225 KWp On-grid Solar PV Plant. Below are the technical details available on this solar rooftop installation.

  • This powerful plant system has an On-Grid inverter that comes with an instant data logger.
  • The system won’t be complete if a Modules is not introduced. A 330 WP-682 Nos was used to carry out this process effectively.
  • A light arrestor-12 is also installed here.
  • Earthing is relevant in any system to keep the safety needed. A 20 Nos earthing was used.
  • Module mounting Structure made with GI wind speed can withstand up to 200KM/Hours
  • A surge protection device is used with ACDB and MCC.


Execution and implementation

The installation of this system has been done insome strategic places. These areas are where they are needed in the university. The details of the installation and location of these systems are outlined below.

  • The boy’s hostel was checked and examined for the appropriate installation requirements to work correctly in this location. It was then discovered that a 100 KWp system should be installed there. It was tested afterward, and it worked out well.
  • There are two hostels that we are assigned to check and work on there, the Sarojini and Puneshwari Grils Hostel. We did proper analysis and inspection before we decide on installing a 50KWp system at their rooftops. It turned out to work out correctly in this location.
  • At Rani Bhavani Girls Hostel, we did a similar inspection before doing anything. In the end, the same 50KWp used in Sorojini and Puneshwari Grils Hostel uses here too. They were placed on the rooftops of the hostels.
  • Nivedita Girls Hostel was checked as before. A 20KWp was installed on the hostel rooftop.



From all that has been outlined, explained, and shown above, it is evident that our plant project was successful as our client was satisfied with what we’ve done.
We also gave them some tips on maintaining it to not face any problems in the future. While using the systems, it is advisable not to use anchor bolts, Nitro bond epoxy, and waterproofing substances in the concrete mixture. Also, it’s good practice for those maintaining the facility to use complete PPE. Safety shoes, Helmet, Safety harness belt, etc., should be used.
At the end of this project, we could get things up and running without any obstruction. The total power generated was 1098 KWH/Day. This has helped save 490Kg of CO2 every day.

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