Installation of 7.5HP Sprinkler based Solar Water Pumping System – SunShell Power

Project Overview

Agriculture plays an important aspect in sustaining the economy of this country. With over 70% of the total population relying on the natural produce of the nation, proper irrigation becomes very essential to facilitate the growth of crops. However, due to the erratic weather conditions and rainwater supply, this has become a major problem in our country. Hence there is a growing need of supplementing conventional methods of procuring water with efficient renewable sources.

The solar-powered irrigation system is an impressive alternate for India in this regard. The introduction of this system not only provides a stable supply of water for irrigation and other domestic uses but also helps in overcoming the risk of fluctuating rates in fuel and supply prices.

India has already started taking initiatives to propagate the use of solar energy and for the success of these schemes, solar companies in India like SunShell play a huge role in making it possible and a viable option to increase the success rates.

Our team at SunShell is dedicated to bringing the best possible ways to ensure smooth installation and consecutive maintenance. Every project is handled by trained professionals and ultimate customer satisfaction is promised. With our 7.5 HP solar water pumping system, we were able to minimize the wastage of water and increase productivity by putting the river water available via optimum usage.


Technical Details

After careful inspection by our trained professionals, it was decided that a 7.5HP centrifugal monoblock surface solar pump would be best suited for this project. Keeping in mind the application required by the customers, the engineers decided to install a 7560 wp size of the solar array. Below are the technical details available for this project :

  • Since greenhouse based farming requires limited but stable water throughout the year and not only on particular seasons, to facilitate the growth of multiple crops, 7.5HP centrifugal monoblock surface solar pumps were installed. These type of pumps helps to avoid the transmission losses hence increasing efficiency.
  • This system is coupled with a dual axis manual tracking structure.
  • The pump used can operate on solar power as well as conventional grid electricity.
  • To dispense the water in the 8 hectare land, sprinkler based irrigation system was introduced to minimize wastage of water
  • To ensure the safety of individuals proper LA and earthing according to IS 3043 was installed


Installation and execution

In greenhouse-based farming environmental conditions need to be controlled to ensure optimum growth and productivity. Hence the installation had to be strategically planned out to make it feasible in terms of environmental conservation as well as water usage. Below are the details for the installation:

  • 24 numbers of 315wp solar panels were installed to get a 7560wp size of the solar array.
  • These 12 modules were connected in two series to make 2 strings that are connected in parallel.
  • The dual-axis manual tracker were installed in such a way that it covered very less ground area and the structure could be easily manned by a single farmer to move it according to the position of the sun.
  • The dual-operated pump controller is extremely beneficial as it can work with both solar energy as well as conventional grid electricity.
  • Mechanically isolated lock was installed to ensure that the power is disconnected before opening the controller door as high voltage (800 V) Dc is very lethal to humans
  • In order to ensure safety, changeover via mechanical isolation was also introduced. So that there is no chance of electrical shock to the farmers even if they have wet hands and bare feet.



With respect to the details provided above, it is clear that this project was a huge success in fulfilling the demands and needs of the farmers to grow vegetables and other crops under the greenhouse farming system using the available river water body. Since conservation of the environment was also a factor, our engineers ensured minimization of wastage of water by introduction of the sprinkler-based water distribution and with the use of monoblock centrifugal solar pumps, carbon emission was also restricted.

In the end, with the help of meticulous calculations and an expert workforce, we were able to comply with all the demands and finish the work on time.

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