Our Projects

Since its inception, SunShell Power has undertaken numerous projects where solar solutions are delivered to residents and corporates. Here is a glimpse of some of the projects.

5HP Submersible Solar Water Pumping System
Location: Dhupguri
Capacity: 5 HP
Department: WBWRIDD Agri Mechanical
Purpose: Irrigation
The 5 HP Submersible Solar Water Pumping System at Dhupguri, West Bengal is a state-of-the-art solar installation system, installed by SunShell Power, one of the leading solar power companies in India. The plant harnesses solar panel units to run a 5 Horsepower VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) solar pump set for irrigation purposes. The project comes under the Water Resources Investigation & Development Department Agri Mechanical.
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3 HP Solar Water Pumping System
Location: Coochbehar
Capacity: 3 HP
Department: WBWRIDD Agri Irrigation
Purpose: Irrigation
The 3 HP Solar Water Pumping System built-in Coochbehar serves to boost the process of irrigation of the area. The solar panels are fixed in such places so that even amidst huge agricultural fields where the development of a Grid is not the best suitable option, electricity can easily be generated with the help of solar energy.
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5HP Solar Water Pump With Manual Dual Axis Tracking Structure
Location: Jalpaiguri
Capacity: 5HP
Department: WBWRIDD
Purpose: Irrigation
The 3HP, 2HP Solar Water Pumping solution with surface centrifugal pump located in Coochbehar is a rescuer for people who chose agriculture to be their livelihood. The solar pump helps in effective irrigation of the area and are well distributed throughout the entire length of the agricultural fields. In these areas where generation of electricity would otherwise have been a far cry, the solar water pump with the help of solar energy has made the task easier than ever thought.
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5 HP Solar Water Pump
Location: North Bengal
Capacity: 5 HP
Department: NBDD
Purpose: Drinking Water Purpose
The 5HP Solar Water Pump located in North Bengal is a blessing to the people living in the surrounding areas. The solar pumping system has provided drinking water to many, have quenched their thirst and have made their living easier by so. In these areas where finding proper water to drink by the people would otherwise have been a tedious task, it has been successfully accomplished by the solar water pump of SunShell Power with the help of solar energy.
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