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08 May

Switching to Solar Power can mean improved healthcare for Rural India

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, across the world, affecting more and more patients worldwide, leaving them in a desperate need to seek medical attention, our main focus of attention for the past few months has been the healthcare system. India saw the largest increase in cases on 4th May, and wi…  

08 May

Preparing for a Pandemic: Covid19 as a roadblock to India’s solar power plan?

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus globally has pushed us into an economic recession, nothing like we’ve seen before, globally. With India being under national lockdown for over a month, at present, and with no future hopes of the lockdown being lifted soon, with the number of cases increasing…  

08 May

5 Starter Methods to Reduce Energy Costs for Businesses

Being the third largest consumer of electricity, it is only obvious that business owners in India spend a huge amount of money annually for their energy consumption needs. But what is indeed shocking is that India’s share of renewable energy consumption is a mere 18 percent, which not only increa…